Sofia Schizas

A series of oil paintings exhibited at The Quickest Via Pavillion, a proposal by curator Susana G.Romanos as part of The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale, that took place on the internet from 01/11/2017 until 31/01/2018.

Short artwork statement _ Frames Series [ sets n.1- n.12 ] _ 2016 / 2017

Summer of 2016, heat and diverse emotions are overwhelming me. I want to detach from them but at the same time I am subconsciously confronted by invisible borders. At this stage I am working on a personal project that requires drawing lines in my sketchbook. This monotonous action, single direction exercise results into a boring one. Lines cover the whole page of the sketchbook or just fill the half of it. I point them horizontally or vertically...draw shapes with lines, for example Squares that look like Frames.
It has taken a while to figure out but it all makes sense. I am free to draw my own borders, place myself within a frame and liberate my actions within. It is impossible to escape from repetitive actions but it doesn’t matter, I have enough time to organise my chaos. It feels like a game to figure out different possible placements not beyond a given established space. Rarely similar, never perfect. The frame suggests a limit, nonetheless the possibilities within each frame are infinite. There is no error, only results.

In terms of the work itself, the series is documented onto small size paper for the development of the sketches. The work exhibited here is transferred onto raw canvas. For the time being the series has 12 sets of 4 variations each.